What Suki Wants

What Suki Wants - Cat Scarlett I would say more of a 2.5 rating. It took me a long time to finish this novel as I couldn't get into it at all, I couldn't relate to the characters as I found them to be quite shallow and whiny. (If I had a quid for every time the name Magdalen was mentioned...I'd be rich!)The reasons why I actually gave it any stars was because some of the twists and turns were good, in the sense that they stopped me from just giving up on the book (I was very close)I found some parts very out of place and unrealistic yet I have to say those parts just about interested me as the smut scenes (although some very out of place) were for the most part quite well written. It was good to see Suki's character develop more towards the end of the book (and I mean RIGHT at the end) but for me she was just too annoying and whiny.