Punish Me, Please Me

Punish Me, Please Me - Ashley Zacharias Betting on God - 2 Stars

I thought that overall this was an OK story, definitely different to anything I've read before. When this was described to me as erotica I guess I had something different in mind. I suppose I was expecting a 'turn on' not a 'turn off'. The events that take place in this story are pretty extreme and graphic, I have read extreme and graphic but I had never felt as uncomfortable before as I did when reading this story. The plot was well thought out and so that deserved 2 stars from me.

In Search of Master Exeter - 3 Stars

This story for me was a lot better than the first. I really liked the idea behind this story and I thought the plot was strong. I felt I knew the characters better in this story and there were strong emotional reasons behind all the events that took place. A woman trying to find herself and explore new things, curing her boredom and opening up a whole new way of thinking.

Bless Me, Father, For I have Sinned - 2 Stars

Whilst reading this story I found my mind drifting away as I slowly kept losing interest. Again I felt a bit uncomfortable whilst reading, I think it's the whole Preist thing and my personal view on Religion. I thought the story deserved 2 stars as I did like some of the inventive ways of punishment for committing sins. The twist at the end was good if a little strange but overall I thought this was an OK story.

The Middle Manager - 3 stars

I enjoyed this story more, it was a little slow at the start but it soon picked up and never lost it's pace. I found the lead female quite annoying sometimes as she was quite a 'know-it-all'. The plot, I thought, was great, a very good idea. The ending definitely bumped my rating up as it was a very good twist.

Private Performance - 4 Stars

This story had to be my favourite out of all of them. The characters, the plot, how the story was executed...all fantastic. This story really made me think and I didn't lose interest once. The story made me reflect upon myself and those around me, the realisation of what people can be capable of. Great read!

Overall I recommend this book...even if it's just to read the last story. Occasionally spelling and grammatical errors caused confusion but overall...good read.