Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith Ok... so I feel kind of bad giving this one a rating when I didn't read the whole book, however I believe it's justified in the sense that I didn't read it all because I didn't like it...therefore, a one star rating from me. Now, I must admit that I have never read the original Pride and Prejudice novel and I have never had any interest in doing so, it just doesn't appeal to me. When I saw there had been an addition of Zombies I was sold, I love a bit of Zombie I was getting to read one of the 'classics' at the same time. about 50 to 60 pages in I am sadly bored stiff, the language is such an effort to decipher sometimes, I often don't know what's going on or why and really...why Zombies? I'm not complaining that there's Zombies but there's nothing to them. It's the original story with some random Zombies and martial arts thrown in, unexplained and lacking. They are slain so easily and with haste in order to get back on with the original story. I was, at least, hoping for equal measures of Zombie action and original story but unfortunately it just didn't deliver, more zombie action please! Maybe I will pick this up again in the future to give it another go but as it stands I just can't bring myself to struggle through something I'm not enjoying. Back to the library you go!