The Turtle Boy

The Turtle Boy - Kealan Patrick Burke 5 STARS TO YOU

Now THIS is an author that you need to keep your eye on!

I would just like to say first that I know the whole 'back from the dead to seek revenge for my death' story has been done and done...and done again, however, that doesn't stop this book from being a fantastic read. It is a novella, so expect a very short read in the sense you may be disappointed that you're just starting to get into it and then BAM! The End! On the other hand, this book is the first in a series so you'll be able to satisfy your cravings for the next installment.

At the time of purchase this book was free to download for Kindle...I am not sure if it still free as it's such a quality read.

The themes of this story may seem as if they are being somewhat retold again but I believe the author breathes new life into this story-line and makes you hang on for dear life and really want to complete the book, it never crossed my mind to stop reading at any point because I have read similar plot lines before.
It is a very creepy story, so I recommend it to fans of the horror genre and perhaps to those who enjoy murder mysteries and thrillers too due to the nice quick pace and the acts of revenge brought down upon unsuspecting characters.

I found the story had a really nice flow to it, sometimes nothing annoys me more than when i'm enjoying a book and suddenly a 'hiccup' of some sort appears within the pages which makes me want to throw it at a wall...interest lost...may return to it...maybe not...will take a while to read and get back into again. I am so glad that didn't happen to me with this book, the pace was too fast and the atmosphere too creepy.

Well done!