The Ritual

The Ritual - Adam Nevill 2.5 stars rounded up.

I found this book quite difficult to rate as I was very much in a love/hate relationship with it, some bits were great and I was sucked into the story whilst on the edge of my seat but then on the other hand some parts had me rolling my eyes. This book is split into two parts but I can't say that I enjoyed one part more than the other...both kind of just went on a bit too much. This book could have been so much shorter without losing anything, there was just too much yapping on about nothing, extended sentences with no meaning, I just wanted everyone to get to the point they were making.
I like to be scared by horror stories, I like to be given goose-bumps but unfortunately I just didn't feel it. There was, however, a nice bit of gore that kept me going and I did like most of the characters. It was an interesting story, original but unfortunately I found it a bit dull in places.
I'm not sure if others would agree with me, maybe I'm being too sensitive but I did find the book to be pretty sexist. Women, as a whole, were just demeaned which left me feeling pretty uncomfortable. The language towards females was pretty grim and the unpleasantness of the male characters was described as feminine. Each wife was described as horrible, mean, selfish, vile and was to be thrown away with the trash and the main character's girlfriend was mentioned about three times. She meant a lot to him but all that we were told was that she had a sexy overbite and he wanted to bed her. For a novel this big and in depth I expected to be able to get to know the characters more but it left me wanting.
I can't say I would really recommend it to be honest, I think my expectations were too high as I was very much looking forward to reading this one...nevermind.