F My Life: And You Thought You'd Had A Bad Day

F My Life: And You Thought You'd Had A Bad Day - Maxime Valette, Guillaume Passaglia, Didier Guedj Do you ever feel like your life is going down the toilet? Does something happen to you where you just wish the ground would open up and swallow you? Then read this book! Nothing makes you feel better about your own misfortune than reading about other people's misfortune. This book is a hilarious collection of unfortunate events that have affected members of the general public. These are the most popular stories taken from the website FML and are guaranteed to make you chuckle to yourself. I know this is meant to be read in small chunks and to be referred back to now and again as a pick me up but I just have to read a book from start to finish. This made the book a little repetitive and dry in places but overall I really recommend this book.