Paranormal Cornwall

Paranormal Cornwall - Stuart Andrews, Jason Higgs 3 Stars


There is just so much information packed into this gem, I was entertained, I was interested and I was definitely an extent.

I love to read about the paranormal, especially when it's to do with where I'm from and have lived all of my life; Cornwall really is a beautiful and mysterious place.

This book features many different locations in Cornwall which are thought to be haunted as well as different types of myths and legends. One of the locations I have visited myself, which is Pengersick Castle, is where I have personally experienced some paranormal activity. I would definitely like to return for a second visit so if you get the chance to go it is definitely worth it.

On first glance this book is beautifully presented with a thought provoking front cover and glossy pages which are a pleasure to read.

Then why 3 stars you ask?

When I was reading this book I came across many spelling and grammar errors, I know that's probably really fussy of me but when you encounter these errors constantly then it does effect the enjoyment of a book. The layout didn't turn out too great either in my opinion. On one hand the photographs are great, however, they weren't very well positioned within the book...I was reading about one location but underneath there was a photo about something completely different, this became quite confusing after a while.

I removed 2 stars instead of 1 as due to errors and image misplacement I ended up not enjoying this book, however, I believe it's worth reading for some of the information.