Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn 4.5 Rating.

I must admit that I got swept along with the hype when it came to this book. I read many glowing reviews and many one star reviews so I went in with an unbiased, open mind. I don't usually go for these types of books but because this book just seemed to be everywhere I decided to take it out from the library (obviously in a big queue due to the popularity of this book) instead of buying it. I was actually very surprised that I loved this book! Everyone knows the murder mystery structure to these types of books, they are always so predictable which is the reason why I usually stay away from them, however, this was very unpredictable. I was surprised by the amount of twists and turns and the characters were mind-bending. I do not like to put spoilers in my reviews and so I have to keep it pretty vague...but these characters...goodness me! How twisted, how cunning, how incredibly smart. The only reason why I knocked some points off was because it became a bit longwinded in places, I felt my interest slowly slipping away and parts became repetitive. This means I believe it would of worked just as well if it was a bit shorter.

Overall, I enjoyed this very much!