House of Small Shadows

House of Small Shadows - Adam Nevill1 Star Rating

I absolutely hate not finishing books, I really do, so I persevered with this one right to the end (mostly with the hope that it'll get better) but unfortunately I really didn't enjoy this. Instead of this one, I recommend reading The Ritual as I thought that one was a lot better.
My main reason for giving this one such a low rating was because I didn't understand it at all. None of it made sense! When I first started reading this book I was totally into it, I enjoy reading about freaky ass dolls as they creep me the hell out...I like that. The dolls weren't even the main focus of the that I mention it i'm not even sure what the main focus of the story was. I didn't like any of the characters, the MC was incredibly annoying with her constant 'This happened...but maybe it didn't...but then this definitely happened...oooh maybe it didn't'. Boooooored.
I have a question; 'What the f*ck did happen woman'?