You Are So Undead to Me

You Are So Undead to Me - Stacey Jay 2 Star Rating

I picked this one up from the library because it sounded good and I love books about zombies.
The idea is fantastic! It's original in the sense that it's about zombies crying out for help and needing assistance with their unfinished business rather than trying to eat your brains...I liked that.
Unfortunately for me the idea just didn't come together. I found the MC to be very annoying and the plot was continuously battered due to her wanting to be was just one big popularity contest. I found the other characters rather shallow and were immensely over shadowed by the MC. Just by looking at the front cover I should of expected that whole American high school princess drama but I guess I didn't expect it to be that bad.
So much could of been done with such a fantastic idea, it just wasn't for me.