One For The Money

One For The Money  - Janet Evanovich I got swallowed up in the hype with this one, a friend wouldn't let it go until I agreed to take this out of the library. It's not my usual type of read so I didn't want to buy it. I'm glad I agreed to pick this one up as I did enjoy it. It wasn't as 'amazing' as it was made out to be but it was a humorous page-turner. The MC was a bit annoying and whiny, she also put herself into some situations that were a bit far-fetched but I liked the other characters. Unfortunately, the library doesn't have the second instalment and I'm not going to buy it so I'm not sure if I'll get to read the rest. I'm pretty sure there's about 15 books so far in this series, that's a bit too much of a challenge for me.