Read Me Like a Book

Read Me Like a Book - Liz Kessler ⚢⚢⚢⚢ 4 'Be True To You' Stars

This was such a beautiful book, inside and out (just look at this gorgeous cover art) I could of done with having this book years ago!
Here we have our wonderful MC Ashleigh who is on a journey of self-discovery in the world of love. When things start to fall flat with her current boyfriend she turns to her teacher Miss Murray for help and support...little did Ashleigh know that friendship would turn into love.

A wonderful 'coming-out' story split into 3 sections following Ashleigh's bond with her teacher, the warm fuzzy feelings to ice cold heartbreak, this book will put you through the wringer...but in a good way!

I liked all of the characters and I found that it some ways I could relate to the story. The only downside for me was everyone 'knew' Ash was gay before she knew herself. This didn't sit too well with me...stereotyping maybe? Perhaps.

Overall, a great read!