Dolly - Susan Hill ♰♰♰ 3 'Gloomy' Stars

I didn't quite know how to feel about this book...

I have read a number of books by [a:Susan Hill|18874|Susan Hill|] and I have found them to be very hit and miss. I seem to compare each one to [b:The Woman in Black|37034|The Woman in Black|Susan Hill||2127172] as this was the one that I enjoyed the most.
There's no denying that Hill's writing is beautiful and she is fantastic at 'setting the scene'. The beginning of 'Dolly' was very well written, very descriptive and creepy, unfortunately this just didn't last throughout the book.
The length of the novel was just too short to fit everything in so it just felt rushed, this meant that so many opportunities were missed where Hill could of shown off the amazing skills that I know she has.

It makes me wonder if she sets a word limit or a page limit on all of her books as all the ones I have read just seem to be 'packed in'.

'Dolly' had the makings of a masterpiece but the execution let it down immensely.