Bright Baby Touch and Feel Bedtime

Bright Baby Touch and Feel Bedtime - Roger Priddy This is a cute and fun little book which my baby really likes. I have rated it 4 stars as it's not as good as some of the other touch books that I've got for her. It's quite sturdy so it should last a while and it's full of bright colours and different textures for your baby to touch. I would recommend books in this series but not so much as some others that I have purchased. The books are quite short so I would say get a number of them as after a couple of flick throughs your little one might get a bit bored.
Baby books aren't the cheapest things ever so before purchasing make sure you check your local library as they should have a good selection.
This one in particular is fun to read together just before bed so you can talk your baby through bedtime.

Bedtime snuggles and smiles...