Sworn To Silence

Sworn To Silence - Linda Castillo I don't usually pick up thrillers but I spotted this whilst having a browse through my online library account and it sounded interesting. When I reserve books at the library to pick up it gives me a push to pull my socks up and get those books read before the deadline, if I own the book it's too easy to slack. With a deadline looming I am pushed to read books that I wouldn't usually read, which I think is brilliant as I get to experience some different genres.
Long story short I thought this book was fantastic! It was brutal, it was gory and it kept me guessing until the end. Once I had finished the book I went and reserved the second in the series.
I thought the story was very well written and I liked all of the characters. Maybe there were a few plot holes but it didn't distract me or make much difference to the storyline.
This is definitely one of those books that just gets into your head and will not let you sleep, when I had to go out and leave the book at home I heard a little voice calling me...calling me back home 'read me...read me...', what a hold it had.
Enjoyed it very much!